Whether you are a new pilot or have loads of experience on Flight Simulation or in Real, we request you to follow the steps below so as to maximize your “As Real as it Gets” experience on IVAO.

The Pilot sign-up process at the IVAO India division is:

  • Verify you have a valid IVAO VID
  • Check that you are assigned to India Division
  • Request For Training to kick start the excitement
  • Click on the button below to start your training
  • It will redirect to the Division Main Hub aka portal
  • From there on the left hand side you will see training, please go throught the moodle courses and then click on sessions to book your sessions with our trainers

Click Here to start your IVAO Pilot Training today.

NOTE: It's easy to just log in and fly anywhere in India or around the world as you wish but surely with incompetence.
We suggest you to first join the training centre and complete the pilot training course so that you can maximize your flying experience the Professional PILOT way.

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