India Division calls on all its best pilots to be a part of the IVAO India Elite Pilot Group.

If you think that you have it in you to be a part of an elite group of pilots who can be reliably called upon to be a part of division ATC training sessions and exams, apply for this position now.

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The Elite


Top Pilots Receives

ATC Training Assistance Badge on IVAO

Qualifications Requirements

  • You should be an Indian Division pilot in good standing (no suspension or any disciplinary action taken against).
  • No minimum pilot rating required (FS3 and above preferred).
  • Position open for regular members only (No division staff).
  • Removal from what’s app group does not qualify as “Disciplinary Action” for purpose of joining.


  • Show you willingness by submitting your application to join the Elite Pilot Group.
  • The division HQ will call you for a flight test.
  • If you have recently appeared for a pilot practical exam, the IN Examiners may wave off the requirement of a flight test.
  • After the flight test, the final decision will be made on your application.

Responsibilities of the Elite Pilot

  • As an elite pilot, you are required to participate in Division ATC training sessions and exams.
  • If you are not a regular participant in such sessions, your EPG membership status will be revoked.
  • When participating in sessions, you will behave responsibly and adhere to all the instructions issued to you by the trainer / examiner.

Be a Part of Elite Pilot Group

Please submit all informations as per your IVAO profile, incorrect details or not eligible applications will be rejected.