Welcome to Elite Pilot Group

The Elite Pilot members of India Division are its topmost Pilot group.
Elite Pilots are called upon to participate in training and exam sessions conducted by India Division Training Center.

India division relies upon Elite Pilots for providing professional pilot skills and services during ATC controller training and exam sessions.
India Elite Pilot Group, also known as EPG was in force since March 2017

How do I become an Elite Pilot?

Qualifications Requirements

  • You should be an Indian Division pilot in good standing
  • Minimum pilot rating : FS3


  • Show you willingness by submitting your application to join the Elite Pilot Group.
  • The division HQ will call you for a flight test.
  • If you have recently appeared for a pilot practical exam, we may wave off the requirement of a flight test.
  • After the flight test, the final decision will be made on your application.

Responsibilities of the Elite Pilot

  • As an elite pilot, you are required to participate in Division ATC training sessions and exams.
  • If you are not a regular participant in such sessions, your EPG membership status will be revoked.
  • When participating in sessions, you will behave responsibly and adhere to all the instructions issued to you by the trainer / examiner.

Be a Part of Elite Pilot Group

Please submit all informations as per your IVAO profile, incorrect details or not eligible applications will be rejected.

Privileges of an Elite Pilot?


Pilot Support Badge

Bronze / 10 Sessions
Silver / 20 Sessions
Gold / 40 Sessions
Platinum / 60 Sessions
Diamond / 80 Sessions

The Elite


If you are a qualified India Division Elite Pilot member and when you participate in our sessions, proudly show your Elite Pilot status in column 18 remark section of your flight plan

No Sessions Planned
1 Karan Malik CP 2 275220
2 Rui Manuel Xavier da Conceicao CP 0 521884
3 Ayush FS3 0 608971
4 Sankar Raman Sridhar FS3 4 550800
5 Ankit Bisht FS3 0 504848
6 Deepak Inde PP 11 524489
7 Nabajit Mallik PP 0 510616
8 N ABDUL NAVAS PP 2 616331
9 Monish Johnson PP 14 581959
10 Dhruv Bhatt PP 7 589831
11 JANAM PARIKH PP 5 385514
12 MR.JIM DESAI PP 0 477021
13 Shyam Deviprasad PP 0 472816
14 Bunty Shangvi PP 0 549570
15 Shashank Nitin Joshi PP 0 509743
16 Shabeeb Hamza T SPP 0 416215
17 Prajwol Lal Shrestha SPP 8 424148
18 Yuvarajan Saravanan SPP 5 444174
19 Ajay Kumar SPP 1 532028
20 gulshan kumar X - FS3 4 598476
21 Prachuryya Baruah X - FS3 5 600196
22 Tausif Raza X - FS3 6 591073