Want to be an Air Traffic Controller in India?

First, you need to be an ACTIVE member of IVAO.

Click Here To check if you have a valid IVAO Profile by logging in with your IVAO Credentials VID/Password


The ATC sign-up process with India division is:

  1. Verify you have a valid IVAO VID
  2. Check that you are assigned to India Division
  3. Register yourself at one of the 4 FIR’s (Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, or Mumbai)
  4. Visit India Division Hub aka portal to start your training
  5. It will redirect to the Division Main Hub aka portal
  6. From there on the left hand side you will see training, please go throught the moodle courses and then click on sessions to book your sessions with our trainers

Click Here to start your ATC Training today.

NOTE: Joining the India division and assigning yourself to an FIR region does not qualify you to get online and just start providing ATC services anywhere within the IVAO India. You must first join the Training Center and complete the  ATC training courses.

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