IVAO India - Delhi Real Flight Event

IVAO India Events welcomes all IVAO Pilots and members to our upcoming Delhi Real Flight Event.

We strongly request you to bookmark Saturday, 10th April 2021 date on your calendar and join our fully staffed event on IVAO.

Event starting LIVE on IVAO from 13z - 15z.

Awards for this Event

This event worth 1 point towards your IVAO HQ Event Award and also India Division will issue a Aviation Celebrations Events Award to everyone participating on this event.

Pilot Information

  • All Pilots must make a Flight Booking, Inbound or Outbound, in order to award on your successful flight.
  • Maximum ONE flight booking for a Pilot.
  • Follow instructions on your flight booking. All departure flights must connect to IVAO Network from the gates assigned.
  • All Departure Flights from Delhi (ICAO: VIDP) – Pilots are requested to be online before 10 minutes prior departure.
  • All Departure Flights are requested to contact Delhi Clearance Delivery – VIDP_DEL only at the scheduled UTC time of your Flight.
  • Pilots are advised to make use of Virtual CPDLC to receive Faster Clearance.
  • All VIP Flights/Light Aircrafts are departing/arriving at Private Apron.
  • All Cargo Flights are departing/arrovomg at Cargo Apron.
  • All Arriving Flgihts to Delhi (ICAO: VIDP) – Pilots are requested to depart as per scheduled UTC time of flight booking.
  • All Pilots who booked their flights and completed successfully will be only awarded.
  • If any Pilot flying another Pilots pre booked call sign will not be awarded.
  • VFR/IFR, Virtual Airlines Group Flights, Non-Scheduled IVAO Flights are also welcome during the event time.
  • Make sure you have all necessary aeronautical charts and also scenery installed on your Simulator.
  • You can find freeware 3D Scenery for Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and many other airports scenery on our Scenery & AFCAD Download Section.
  • International/Domestic flights routes and latest metar information are available on IVAO India Flight Dispatch or IVAO Route Database.
  • Follow Radio Telephony Instruction, when you join a frequency please wait for 5-10 seconds before you transmit. Do not argue, mess with the controller.

Our complete staff and ATC members will be providing ATC Services for you starting at 1300Z through 1500Z, See you online...

Click Here for Delhi - Real Flight Event Flight Booking - Departing/Arriving