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Discord Channel Rules & Regulations – IVAO India Division



1.1 - The objective of IVAO-India Division Discord Channel for Members named as “IVAO-India” (henceforth mentioned as “Discord Channel or Channel”) is to provide a platform for IVAO-IN (IN is used for “India” on IVAO) division members for sharing information & knowledge related to Aviation, Flight and ATC Operations in order to achieve better coordination to simulate a realistic Flight and Air Traffic Control on IVAN (International Virtual Aviation Network) without charging money and available to anyone who agrees with the membership requirements & channel rules and regulations.

1.2 - These rules are applicable to all IVAO India Discord Sub-Channels; list of currently active channels is below:

  • Rank request,
  • General,
  • METAR,
  • NOTAM,
  • Screenshots,
  • AV-Memes,
  • World of Aviation,
  • Pilots
  • ATC Hub
  • Training Centre
  • Exams

The main idea behind creating these channels is:
While online on IVAN, pilots and ATCs are supposed to use Aviation English and pass message using Aviation Phraseology; in order to coordinate the flight planning and ATC planning activities with other division members, the available option in IVAO approved software(s) is personal chat,
We understand that it becomes really unrealistic to share these messages with more than a certain number of people at once, so IN-HQ has come up with an idea to provide a dedicated channel only for registered IVAO members of India division,
By means of these channels, all IN-Division members can interact with all other members at the same time and share their Flight & ATC Operations planning activities.

1.3 - When using these channels, you will avoid, at any price, to simulate or to become involved in real world ethnical, political and religious conflicts and problems. Discussion of any form of aggression, war, abuse and sexual intentions are strictly not allowed in whatever form. IVAO is an entertaining and educational network where every world citizen, without any exception, is welcome to join the fun and pursue their virtual aviation experience. Sending messages related to war, sex, politics, personal interest, web-marketing links, generic GIFs, product promotion, religious activity etc. are not allowed.

1.4 - The whole sole objective of the channel is to facilitate information sharing for “planning phase” before your activity and sharing “experiences” post activities at IVAN. You may further discuss topics related to IVAO and flight simulation. This group is an extra facility provided to IVAO-IN members for better coordination. The final decision for any situation of conflicts is reserved with IN-HQ (i.e. IN-DIR & IN-ADIR) and these will be the highest authority in this regard.

1.5 - This platform is a privilege being offered to all members equally and should not be interpreted as their right for being part of IN Division. IN-HQ reserves the right to discontinue and or suspend this platform at any point of time, if felt necessary under certain circumstances; without any prior notice to any IVAO member.


2.1 - To add members to this channel, group admins will collect and store personally identifiable information. These are your first and last name, your email address and IVAO VID used during registration for this channel.

2.1.1 - Messages, Images, Videos, Internet links and any kind of information shared by members of this channel can be reviewed by IVAO-IN staff team at any point of time.

2.2.1 - IVAO-IN staff may collect, save and use content shared by you to ensure proper and regulated operation of the channel.

2.2.2 - IVAO-IN division will not sell, rent or lease user lists or any personal information to any third parties for promotion purpose or any kind of monetary benefit to any individual or IVAO as a whole. There may be occasions where sophisticated hacks may be carried out that we cannot protect from. If this is the case, IN-HQ is not responsible for informing members whose data may have been compromised.

2.2.3 - As per the basic model of operation of a Discord channel, it is known that all channel members can access your personnel information like username, name, pictures etc. as per the original application owner R & R;

2.2.4 - IVAO-IN is not responsible for any act or misconduct performed by any existing member or past member of this group in personnel chat/voice messages. Any misconduct or insult done in group by any member to either the rules of group or any member of group will result in instant removal of member from the channel, the removed member will still be part of IVAO-IN Division.

2.3 - IVAO-IN will disclose your personal information, without notice, if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to conform to the edicts of the law.



3.1 - The services of the channel are offered to you free of charge conditioned on your acceptance of the rules and regulations published on IVAO-IN website as “DISCORD CHANNEL RULES & REGULATIONS – IVAO INDIA DIVISION”. Your use of the group constitutes your agreement to all the rules and requirements, as updated from time to time. IVAO-IN reserves the right to change the rules and requirements without notice.

3.2 - You are supposed to follow & will be responsible for all the rules & regulation laid down by the parent managing company of Discord. Discord & any logo used is the property of the relevant organization and IVAO-IN has no right over any part of it.

3.3 - The official language for the channel is English because this is understood by majority of users, Users may also use Aviation English as & when required. Since India has diverse culture and our members are from different part of country, we understand that few words of their native language are used frequently in their daily life to express views; however, no such words are allowed on the channel to safeguard members due to any regional discrimination. Please double check the message you are typing before sending it to the group. This is required to maintain the quality of conversations.

3.4 - The channel cannot be used for any official interaction related to IVAO. e.g. a member suspended due to some reason on IVAO cannot ask any staff member for explanation on group, your training schedule etc. The correct way is to send an email to relevant staff and continue subject related discussions on email. Another example can be a rejected tour leg or delay in issue of awards; in case of any such situation, please write an email to concerned person.

3.5 - Membership with the channel should be considered a privilege and an honour. If in the opinion of IN-HQ, a member does not meet the requirements or abuses the Rules and Regulations, then IN HQ will make the sole determination of their membership status of the channel (IVAO membership will still continue), up to and including removal from group. However, in extreme cases, IN HQ reserves the right to report any member’s misconduct to IVAO Executive and recommend the suspension of such member from IVAO and or IVAO India division.

3.6 - Members of the channel are not allowed to share profile pictures, status or any kind of personal data of another group member in this group. Doing so will result in immediate removal from channel without warning/notice/explanation.

3.7 - Anyone willing to join the channel will have to send a request from IVAO-IN website with all relevant information required to check the status of IVAO member and his personal details. No other kind of requests will be accepted from any existing member of IVAO and or the channel. Rule applies equally for group admins as well as non-admin Staff members.

3.8 - Each individual person is only allowed to have one registered Discord ID for the channel. If any member found to have multiple usernames, he/she will be removed from channel (all usernames) and he has to send a fresh request for being part of the channel.

3.9 - Since organizations are also a part of IVAO as members, each organization is allowed to have one registered username for the channel. Organization cannot use the channel for any kind of product/service promotions. If organization wants to share some information on the relevant channel, they have to send an email request to Public Relations Coordinator ( marking a copy to to seek their approval, however the information on channel will only be shared by either a staff member or IN-HQ.

3.10 - Registration to channel requires member’s real first and last name. A false user name will result in removal from the channel. Since Discord has an inbuilt feature of changing the display name of user, if your user name is found or reported inappropriate as per the R & R of the channel, IN-HQ reserves the right to remove the member without any explanation.

3.11 - To remain as an active member of the channel, members must participate in information sharing least once every three (3) months. Members found or reported with no activity will be removed without any explanation. Such member if wants to join the channel again, he/she will have to send a request from IVAO-IN website again.

3.12 - Upon initial registration, members will be asked to introduced themselves, as a courtesy to fellow members you are expected to share your full name, location, age, reason of joining the channel and any other information relevant to IVAO and or aviation which is in agreement to the rules & regulations of the channel. Any organization introducing first time on group is required to only share their name, location, purpose of joining group and official website, no other kind of promotion is allowed.

3.13 - The minimum age for being part of the channel is 13 years. At the time of registration, you accept that you are 13 years or older. If any member is found or reported violating this rule, IN-HQ reserves the right to remove the member without any explanation and may ask for verification ID proof via email.

3.14 - In case of any violation of rules of the channel for the first time, you will be contacted on a personal chat message by a staff member. If you do not respond to message of staff member within a day or before posting any message on channel, IN-HQ reserves the right to remove you without any explanation.

3.15 - IVAO-IN staff may share some information with all members of the group as and when required but this should not be considered as alternate to the IVAO mailer system. You will receive all the relevant information about NOTAMs, activities etc in the form of emails sent by IVAO HQ.

3.16 - Use of voice message or video on group is not allowed as per the individual channel “purpose”. Details and intent of all channels is as follows:

3.17 - Members are allowed to share unlimited pictures and videos “only in screenshots channel” as per the R&R described above. Sharing of pictures and or videos on any other channel except “screenshots” is strictly not allowed. However, you are free to post maximum three links per day per member of facebook / youtube / instagram / twitter or any other file sharing website in Pilot or ATC channel; this includes IVAO Forum links as well.

3.18 - Members are not supposed to share links/pictures or data not related to IVAO in any channel except “World of Aviation”. e.g. do not share videos of Aircraft incidents and accidents, or of TV series like Air Crash Investigations etc. in any other channel as per the list provided in R&R 3.16.

3.19 - For successful operation and utilization of channel, users may need to share aviation related information in form of pics/links/messages; all such situations should follow the group rules as available on IVAO-IN website.

3.20 - The term “Aviation” has very broad coverage and cannot be defined for the purpose for publishing a rule. All types of Aviation related discussion are however allowed only in “World of Aviation” channel. The content must abide by R&R 1.3 as mentioned above.

3.21 - Arguing over any topic or message is not allowed in channels. You can continue the argument in personal chat with the concerned person.

3.22 - True meaning of a group discussion is to interact with all members equally; do not reply repeatedly to a particular person only. Extended one on one conversations should be taken to personal chat.

3.23 - You are not supposed to make inappropriate or derogatory comments at anyone or a group of people or an organization related or not related to IVAO. Use of abusive language or any such slangs is strictly prohibited.

3.24 - Discussion or unsolicited message about an online/offline flight simulation platform other than IVAO is not acceptable and this rule applied equally to all including staff members. This rule cannot be undone/underseen as per the definition of Aviation under R&R 3.20.

3.25 - Forwarded messages are not allowed. This includes jokes, B’day wishes, sayings, festival wishes. The channel is meant to provide highly professional environment as close to real world aviation as possible and this can only be achieved by mutual cooperation of all members without any exception. One way of sending mentioned messages to all in this group is by means of a personal chat.

3.26 - Making fun of a non IN-Division pilot or ATC online on IVAN with whom you had a bad experience due to his/her level of knowledge/skill will not be tolerated. They deserve the same level of respect as you do.

3.27 - If you are a part of a Virtual Airline which may or may not be registered with IVAO, you are not allowed to promote your VA by means of this group, however you can send all such requests to Public Relations Coordinator ( marking a copy to

3.28 - If you do not like the behaviour or the text messages of a particular person PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND ON THE CHANNEL, but do let us know by sending an email to &

3.29 - Any conflict or argument arising of speech on the group will be resolved on a judiciary basis as per IN-HQ or a conflict resolution group as recommended by IN-HQ.

3.30 - If accidentally or knowingly you have left the channel and you wish to continue on the channel, please register once again on IVAO-IN website.

3.31 - In case of suspension from channel, you are required to resend your request after mentioned suspension period. However, your registration to channel for second or third time will be decided by IN-HQ. In case of a delay in response, please write an email to and

3.32 - Once a request is received for adding you to channel, the concerned department may take a time up to 1 week to verify your VID and other relevant details as required. This time delay is due to the fact that sometimes the concerned person is not able to access IVAO website due to technical difficulties. In such case, you are requested to reapply only after 7 days. If the request is still not answered, please get in touch with Staff members, you may get contact details from IVAO-IN website. Once registered from website, you will be automatically added to “Rank Request channel” where Membership/PR staff will assign you to relevant channel as per your request in predefined format. The format will be available in “Rank Request” channel.



4.1 - IN HQ will nominate a Conflict Resolution Group (CRG) to take appropriate action against members for breaching the above rules.

4.2 - Upon first breach of a rule, any member of the CRG will warn the concerned member on the main channel or through private chat.

4.3 - Any further transgression by the member will lead to the CRG suspending the member from the group as per offences table below.

4.4 - The CRG will categorise the offence as per their wisdom. The examples stated below are only illustrative and not exhaustive.

4.5 - The CRG on behalf of IVAO India HQ fully reserve the right to take any action against any misbehaviour to protect the dignity and reputation of the division and its members.

LEVEL 1 e.g. Sending non IVAO & non-aviation related messages / pictures / videos / links in irrelevant channel. 7 days
LEVEL 2 e.g. Not following R&R and making unnecessary arguments. Inappropriate (non-abusive) behaviour towards other members. Sending commercial or promotional messages. 14 days
LEVEL 3 e.g. Use of abusive or inappropriate language or slang. 30 days
LEVEL 4 Behaviour found inappropriate to be a part of IVAO India's social groups. Permanent

After going through the Rules and Regulations, if you find any part or whole of it inappropriate or too much disciplined, please be informed that the traits of a successful Pilot or ATC includes discipline, maturity, decision making, respect for seniors and a sense of support to subordinates and juniors!

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Initially, you will only see the “rank request” channel. Request your Pilot/ATC rank in this channel and wait for our staff to assign you the rank.

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