Event Day

Event Date
15 May 2021

1:00 PM

IST Time
6:30 PM

Event Information

IVAO India, Indonesia, and Thailand Division
invites all IVAO members to our South Asia OCEANIC EVENT

Experience a full ATC service including Chennai Oceanic Radio over Bay of Bengal.
LIVE from 13z to 18z




  • Pilots need to make a Flight Booking in order to receive Aviation Celebration Tours Events Award
  • Pilots do not need to file PIREP, award will be issued automatically if you have made a flight booking and completed the IVAO flight successfully
  • Pilots follow India Oceanic Procedure
  • Make sure you have the Airport scenery installed on your simulator
  • Contact ATC at the scheduled departure Zulu time of your Flight Booking
  • Follow ATC instructions at all times (If ATC asks you to hold at certain altitude please do so). Since this is simulation we would recommend you to comply with all the ATC instructions during your flight.

All departing flights from Chennai - VOMM

If your destination is Bangkok - VTBD

If your destination is Medan - WIMM


  • Callsign: VOMX_CTR
  • Frequency: 126.150 MHz
  • Radio Callsign: Chennai Radio

How to Communicate with Oceanic Radio? Example watch video.

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