Event Day

Event Date
30 August 2020

11:00 AM

IST Time
4:30 PM

Event Information

IVAO India Events invites all IVAO members to our Relay Race: Chennai/Bangalore/Hyderabad

Flights will be consisting of 3 legs:-

Leg1: Chennai (ICAO: VOMM) to Bengaluru (ICAO: VOBL)

Leg2: Bengaluru (ICAO: VOBL) to Hyderabad (ICAO: VOHS)

Leg3: Hyderabad (ICAO: VOHS) to Chennai (ICAO: VOMM)
Total duration of flight will be 3hr 00mins

Experience a full ATC Services from India Division ATC Operations
LIVE from 1100z to 1400z and extended depending upon traffic.


1 point towards Pilot Event award for each member of team upon successful completion of all legs by the team only and 1 point towards ATC Events award if controlled for atleast 1 hours will be issued to all participating members by India Division, please make sure to report your Flight / ATC reports on below links.



  • Make sure you have the Airport scenery installed on your simulator and have necessary charts on board.
  • This is a team relay where a team consists of 3 members and each team member chokes off with same callsign upon chokes on by preceding team member respectively.
  • Award points will be only issued if relay is completed by the team.
  • Follow the rules strictly for the award points.
  • Follow ATC instructions at all times (If ATC asks you to hold at certain altitude please do so). Since this is simulation we would recommend you to comply with all the ATC instructions during your flight.
  • Make sure to add following remark on remark section while filing ATC flight plan and pilot reporting.





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