Event Day

Event Date
15 January 2022

1:00 PM

IST Time
6:30 PM

Event Information

IVAO India Events is proud to present our first ever Dangerous Approach Challenge event at Leh airport (ICAO: VILH)

We invite all the IVAO members to come and take part in this event to prove pilot flying skills. Feel free to fly into VILH between 1300Z to 1500Z and be prepared before you take the approach challenge.

We recommend you to practice on your simulator prior before attempting during our event hours.




Leh Airport is situated in the Northern part of India and is a military aerodrome in which partially operated for civil operations and due to this reason we have created for flight simulation purposes a special aeronautical chart. PLEASE read our guide and follow instructions carefully in order to make a successful IFR to VISUAL flight. 

  • Pilots participating in this event must submit their flight itinerary before the event in order to issue award.
  • You will be simulating this event during DAY time on your simulators
  • Runway 07 is for Approach and Runway 25 is for Departures only
  • During this event, we will be not allowing any Departures from VILH due to ATC traffic congestion
  • If you miss your approach please conduct a normal MISSED APPROACH procedure as per your aircraft operating handbook and carefully follow all instructions mentioned in our guide. If you attempt two missed approaches then ATC will instruct you to divert your flight to your alternate airport as per your flight plan 
  • Aircrafts Permitted: Light or Medium wake turbulence category fleet such as A320, B737, ATR, etc. Heavy wake turbulence category aircraft will be not permitted for this event
  • Callsign of your choice.
  • All flights flying in should be IFR to VFR flight. Remember to put (Y) in the rule of ATC flight plan for IFR to VFR flight.
  • Make sure your flight plans are correctly filed according to our guide
  • Have enough fuel on board, you may be asked to hold depending upon the arrival congestion
  • Make sure you have all required 3D terrain sceneries installed on your simulator to enjoy your approach
  • Make sure you also have the Airport scenery installed on your simulator
  • Simulation in real-world weather conditions
  • Follow ATC instructions at all times (If ATC asks you to hold at a certain altitude please do so). Since this is a simulation we would recommend you comply with all the ATC instructions during your flight.
  • Only successful landings will be awarded Aviation Celebrations and Events Award from India Division.





ATC Services throughout the region will be provided by India Division ATC Operations. Expect real-world Pilots and ATC members to provide you with all the ATC services for this event.

ATC Services will start from 1300Z to 1500Z and will be providing extended hours of operations depending upon the traffic.

India Division will be providing a full ATC Service from New Delhi (ICAO: VIDP) to Leh (ICAO: VILH).


Watch these videos captured by passengers to give you an idea of how dangerous Leh's approach is all about.

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