Event Day

Event Date
27 March 2022

8:00 AM

IST Time
1:30 PM

Event Information

IVAO India Events invites you to fly VFR event from VOTV or VOCI to VOAT on Sunday, March 27th, 2022 from 0800z to 1100z.

Come and take part in this beautiful event taking place at Agatti airport coral island of India and enjoy the scenic view of Lakshadweep. Fly out of VOTV or VOCI to VOAT during the event hours.


Pilot Information

  • Pilots participating in this event must submit their PIREP after a successful flight leg.
    Click Here to submit your PIREP.
  • All pilots are kindly requested to:
    1. Be prepared - have access to VFR charts
    2. Plan flight as per VFR procedure and fly VFR.
    3. Only Medium Turboprop aircraft are allowed.
    4. Remember - Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.
    5. Maintain radio etiquette.
    6. Always keep in mind the Indian weather
  • ATC Services will be available from 08z to 11z

           ATC Booking here



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