Event Day

Event Date
11 December 2020

1:30 PM

IST Time
7:00 PM

Event Information

IVAO India and Thailand Division invites all IVAO members to our Indo Thai Asian Link event.

Experience a full ATC service including Kolkata Oceanic Radio over Bay of Bengal.
LIVE from 1330z to 1900z and extended depending upon traffic.


  • You need to make a Flight Booking in order to receive Aviation Celebration Tours Events Award.
  • All pilots follow India Oceanic Procedure in order for a successful flight trip.
  • Make sure you have the Airport scenery installed on your simulator.
  • Contact ATC at the scheduled departure Zulu time of your Flight Booking.
  • Follow ATC instructions at all times (If ATC asks you to hold at a certain altitude please do so). Since this is a simulation we would recommend you to comply with all the ATC instructions during your flight.
  • Report your flight leg on IVAO India Flight Reporting section for Award
  • Suggested Flight Routes are available on your Flight Booking. 

India Oceanic Procedure - Read Full Instructions Click Here

The area bounded by the end of Mumbai area control center to the west until the FIR boundary.

  • Callsign: VECX_CTR
  • Frequency: 128.300 MHz
  • Radio Callsign: Kolkata Radio

How to Communicate with Oceanic Radio? Example watch video.

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