Event Day

Event Date
12 February 2022

10:00 AM

IST Time
3:30 PM

Event Information

The annual flagship Full Control Asia and Oceanic event is coming again! This year, apart from participating regions in East Asia Region, India, Indonesia, Oceanic Region, Malaysia and Singapore, and Thailand, we are further expanding into inactive regions including Japan, China, and many more. It's the time of the year we all light up the Asian skies, six active regions collectively invite you to fly a fully ATC-covered flight anywhere within the covered region stated below!
The whole event will be on 12 February 2022, from 1000z to 1500z.


Pilot Information

  • Pilots shall read and understand the Briefing Document in advance to familiarise themselves with our event logistics.
  • Pilots must follow India Oceanic Procedure Click Here
  • Successful flight leg, please submit your PIREP for IVAO Division Award Click Here


FIR Coverage

  • East Asia Region: RCAA   RKRR   RPHI   VHHK   VVHM   VVHN   ZJSA
  • India: VECF   VOMF
  • Indonesia: WAAF   WIIF
  • Oceanic Region: YBBW
  • Malaysia and Singapore: WBFC   WMFC   WSJC
  • Thailand: VDPF   VLVT   VTBB   VYYF


Focus Airports

  • East Asia Region: Songshan [RCSS]    Jeju [RKPC]    Cebu [RPVM]    Macau [VMMC]
  • India: Kolkata [VECC]    Chennai [VOMM]
  • Indonesia: Batam [WIDD]    Medan [WIMM]
  • Oceanic Region: Darwin [YPDN]
  • Malaysia and Singapore: Kuala Lumpur [WMKK]     Singapore [WSSS]
  • Thailand: Bangkok [VTBS]    Phuket [VTSP]


ATC Bookings

  • India Division members please book your ATC position Click Here
  • Please participate in ATC group discussions and briefing on the India Division Discord channel




  • Pilots who participate in the event will gain +1 points on the "Pilot Events Award". Flights should be reported to the tours reporting system after completion of the flight.
  • ATCs will need to book a time slot in advance, and those who participate in the event for at least one hour will gain +1 point on the "ATC Events Award".
  • Only +1 point will be gained at maximum for the Pilot Events Award and ATC Events Award respectively during the whole event.
  • Pilots flying / ATCs serving in the FIR can file the relevant report to East Asia Region, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, Oceanic Region, and Thailand division.
  • All pilots must include RMK/FCAO2022 in the flight plan remarks.
  • The award, Aviation Celebration Tours and Events, will be issued to any user participating in this Celebration Event automatically.
  • Please contact us if you cannot receive the award after 14 days of the event.


  • We are to integrate the IVAO Events HQ Award in this event, so get your wings down here and help out making the event a great success!
  • This event is worth 1 point towards your IVAO HQ Event Award!
  • As pilots, the departure and arrival airports should both be within the event FIR coverage, but not necessarily our focus airports, certain route sections are also allowed to be outside the event FIR coverage. The flight distance should be at least 1,250 nm with reference to Great Circle Mapper. You may choose to fly multiple short trips, to sum up your total flight distance, all flights shall adhere to the aforementioned rules.
  • As ATCs, your connection time should be at least an hour within the event timeframe.
  • All pilots must include RMK/FCAO2022 in the flight plan remarks.

Upcoming Activities

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Triangle Event

On Sunday, 19 June 2022
Event Start Zulu Time: 12:00 PM
Event Start IST: 5:30 PM