Event Day

Event Date
16 January 2021

10:00 AM

IST Time
3:30 PM

Event Information

The event happening in the largest scale in Asia is back this January, as the 2021 Full Control Asia and Oceanic are approaching! With six divisions co-organizing this event, you can enjoy a full ATC coverage within the 20 FIRs all the way north from Korea and south to Australia. Choose from the list of focus cities and have your own combination of short-haul hops, or a long relaxing flight. Visit the island of Phuket with sunshine, experience the Oceanic Radio through your journey to Colombo, explore the down under and fly to Darwin, or immerse into metropolitan by descending into Hong Kong - plan your night and fly with your friends!

The whole event will be happening on 16th January 2021, from 1000z to 1500z.

FIR Coverage

East Asia Region : RCAA | RKRR | RPHI | VHHK | VVHM | VVHN | ZJSA
India : VCCF | VOMF
Indonesia : WAAF | WIIF
Oceanic Region : AYPY | YBBW
Malaysia : WBFC | WMFC | WSJC
Thailand : VDPF | VLVT | VTBB | VYYF

Focus Airports

East Asia Region : Taipei [RCTP] | Manila [RPLL] | Seoul [RKSI] | Hong Kong [VHHH]
India : Colombo [VCBI] | Chennai [VOMM]
Indonesia : Surabaya [WARR] | Kuala Namu [WIMM]
Oceanic Region : Broome [YBRM] | Darwin [YPDN]
Malaysia : Kota Kinabalu [WBKK] | Penang [WMKP]
Thailand : Bangkok [VTBS] | Phuket [VTSP]


ATC Bookings

India : Please book through http://tools.ivao.aero/event/IN/schedule/1799.



1.  Pilots who participate in the event will gain +1 point on the "Pilot Events Award". Flights should be reported to the MODA system after completion of the flight.
2.  ATCs will need to book a time slot in advance, and who participate in the event will gain +1 point on the "ATC Events Award".
3.  Only +1 point will be gained at maximum for the Pilot Events Award and ATC Events Award respectively during the whole event.
4.  Pilots flying / ATCs serving in the FIR can file the relevant report to East Asia Region, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oceanic Region and Thailand division.

1.  The award, Aviation Celebration Tours and Events, will be issued to any user participating in this Celebration Event automatically.
2.  Please contact us if you cannot receive the award after 14 days of the event.

1.  We are to integrate the IVAO HQ Events & IVAO Relay Awards in this event, so get your wings down here and help out making the event a great success!
2.  This event worth 1 point towards your IVAO HQ Events Award and also allow you to receive the IVAO HQ Relay Award!
3.  The IVAO Relay is eligible for ATCs who participate for at least 1 hour, and for pilots who fly 3 or more legs in an uninterrupted sequence. Flying through A > B > C > D, or A > B > C > A, or A > B > A > B are possible suggestions.


Special Notes

India Oceanic Radio. Please read through the procedures here, and the reporting radio video here. (By India Division)

Should you have any inquiries, please contact the Events Department of East Asia Region, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oceanic Region or Thailand Division.

Upcoming Activities

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