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World Post Day: The Forgotten Freighters

Did you know: 10 October is celebrated as World Post Day?

Air India operated a dedicated cargo service starting back in 1932, operating none other than the classic Douglas DC-3. However, with time freighter aircrafts made their way out of the fleet with age.
The idea of a cargo airline was conceived again at the dawn of 21st century.
The merger of Indian Airlines with Air India played a catalyst and aircrafts including A310 and 737-200 were put into cargo roles, the latter of which often found their way to Europe.
Two of the A310s were leased to Aryan Cargo Express but didn't materialise into much as the carrier went defunct soon and one the A310 was sold to an African company.

The 737-200 were still in operation before the idea of a dedicated cargo airline ended in 2012.
We have recreated the stamp which featured these aircrafts to remember the day.

You would be surprised to know, even with 40 years of service, VT-EGJ is still an active airframe as per the DGCA database! However we couldn't find any data of it being flown recently and they are likely to be left forever in their positions to rot with time.

Division News Published on 09-10-2020 by Prachyuryya Baruah

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