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Successfully Migrated to IVAO HQ Server

Dear Members,

We have successfully moved our websites and other online resources related to our division, onto IVAO Servers.

How ever we have changes and modifications to our website:

  1. Website address www.ivao.in is still active and will be now redirected to https://in.ivao.aero
  2. Training website address www.training.ivao.in is still active and will be now redirected to https://training.in.ivao.aero/
  3. Resources such as Scenery & AFCAD's, Aeronatuical Charts, PDF files and other misc resources have been moved on to IVAO Google Drive. So when ever you hit download on our website you may be redirected to our division's Google Drive to download any files.

You may find difficulties in viewing some sections of our website for the moment as we are updating relevent information and data for you.

Should you have any difficulties, questions or suggestions please drop an email to in-wm@ivao.aero


Afsal Zain
India Webmaster

Division News Published on 02-06-2019 by AFSAL ZAIN

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