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Screenshot challenge: 2021 Division Tours

With 2020 coming to an end, we have finalised the division tours for 2021 and with it we are giving you an opportunity to feature your screenshots as the tour banner.
Submit your images via the division Discord channel or mail us your images suitable for each category to get featured.

1. IFR tour (Medium and Long Haul aircraft)

2. Coastline tour (Amphibians aircraft)

3. VFR tour (Light aircraft)

4. Dangerous tour (Piston engine aircraft)

5. Vintage tour (Constellation, DC 3 etc aircraft)

6. Cargo tour (Freighter aircraft)

7. Helicopter Tour (Helicopter)

9. Special Ops (IAF aircraft)

10. Supersonic Tour (Supersonic aircraft)

Division News Published on 07-11-2020 by Prachyuryya Baruah

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