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Password Reset

With regards to the public release by IVAO last week, we want to inform the members once again that their passwords have been reset.
The details of events that led up to this decision can be found in the original article, however this decision comes at the backdrop of an unauthorised
use of privileged access to IVAO web systems. It is known that a suspected member of staff misused his staff privilege to temporarily reset the 
personal email and make a password request of the account of a Senior IVAO core staff.
The suspected perpetrator is suspended and his network access removed while the matter is investigated. At this moment there is no evidence
common member accounts are in any way compromised or effected. But to ensure the best security of our members, the decision has been taken 
to reset their passwords. Please use this link- https://www.ivao.aero/members/person/password.htm to have your new credentials emailed to you.
Alternatively you can use the login option in IVAO main website and select forgot password after entering your VID.
If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us at members@ivao.aero 

Original release:

Division News Published on 03-03-2021 by Prachyuryya Baruah

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